Not Alone

The Midland Hotel, Morecambe.
The Midland Hotel, Morecambe.

The mark of a good action
is that is appears inevitable
in retrospect.
Robert Louis Stevenson

The photograph isn’t linked to the quote by the way.

I’ve long intended to see the Midland in the flesh and the other day circumstances conspired to have me and a friend walking around catching sight of people enjoying high tea. One day I’ll go in and have a cup of tea while gazing out over Morecambe Bay. Another day when conditions conspire to take me there again. Tea anybody!

Too late in the day to ponder on the above quote at any length. Enough to say there is no escape from the law of cause and effect. Our own hand shapes us as we wander through life. Not alone.



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2 thoughts on “Not Alone”

  1. A friend’s friend’s Grandad took moving film footage of the interior of the Midland when it was new. Coincidence had it that she was involved in the restoration project. The films were re-discovered, enhanced and were used to model the furniture. You will find copies of the stills from the moving film footage in most of the rooms

    1. Wondering if the film footage has survived in digital form. I’ve an appointment for tea at the Midland at some point. A memorial tea for a chap who died early this year.

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