Tangible Touch

Nankipoo - he loved to lie on shoes
Nankipoo – he loved to lie on shoes

Yesterday I invented THREE new words! Those of you who subscribe to receive posts via email will have seen the first one – tangerable which I have since corrected to tangible. Apparently the word tangible is frequently associated with touch, Tangible: Perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch.

Clearly Nankipoo, and all of our animal friends touch us, in tangible and non-tangible levels of awareness. I think that has to be the case with we humans too.

Thank you to the Reverend who pointed out my spelling mistake, so very kindly. And the other two invented words? Longthering and widering. Definitions: Getting longer and getting wider. Nankipoo was a looong cat, as cats are.

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2 thoughts on “Tangible Touch”

  1. Dear Reverend Master Mugo,
    Thinking of you Iain and Edera today as witness the Maek Bochea celebrations in Siem Reap today.
    Sorry to hear about the cat as we lost Oates the older Stainmore Railway Cat last month.
    Best wishes

    1. SUE! I’m shouting a loud greeting to you and Mike way over where ever you might be. A million times I have thought of driving over to see you. I will. Sorry about Oates. The Flying Scotsman is in the news and on our screens today, by the way.

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