Not Bothered

Lambs. Not bothered!
Lambs. Not bothered!

This year they seemed to come in a rash.  All over the fields, a rash of lambs. Could that be the collective term for lambs? Probably not. And because of the multitude I’ve taken less notice of them. Become less engaged with the wonder of them; their springing and prancing, their rough and tumble playing together. Bringers of life to the former sodden fields of December and January (February and March too to be honest.)! Love ’em but try to catch a picture of lambs in repose and as you can see they got up sharpish and walked away. Not bothered. Have a photo taken? Not bothered.

Which brings me to thinking, at what point does something, some event, some kind of multitudinous abundance bring us to being not bothered, to being numbed. When, what ever it is, becomes unimportant to us due to it having become a ‘rash’. Food for thought.

For all those hungry people in the world who are surrounded by food.

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One thought on “Not Bothered”

  1. A rasher of thoughts to be sure, and very welcome in a busy time of my life. You are correct: leaping lambs in springtime are a reminder that life leaps in all of us; if it doesn’t, then we have forgotten how to live and should take a lessons from the lambs: leap for joy when you can but rest when you need too…so you can leap again when the Spirit moves you. Sheer delight of a post. Cheers, Gerry

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