Where is the Joy?

At Throssel last Sunday for the day, Buddha Day, celebrating the birth and enlightenment of the historic Buddha. The Enlightened One.

The main altar was sparkling, the flower bower over the baby Buddha, inspired. One after the other in procession during the celebration ceremony we ‘bathed’ the Buddha. We ladled pure water over the golden statue, and walked on.

Many times over the years I have participated in this ceremony. This year was different for me. ‘Where is the joy’? I asked myself casually. In the singing? The abundance of flowers or people or children? Being with the monastic community?

Where is the joy?
Who knows?
Who asks?

Listen to Rev. Master Daishin’s Dharma Talk, The Illusion of “Me” given after the ceremony.

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One thought on “Where is the Joy?”

  1. So who was it that just listened to the lecture?
    What listened?
    How to function day by day without the narrative?
    Who will meditate on this matter?

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