Not Easy

It’s always cheering to see that another person is attempting to establish a regular meditation practice. Just sitting may be simple however it is not easy. And especially not easy to keep up a practice alone.

Well done, keep going.

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2 thoughts on “Not Easy”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Still wrestling with this, though toddlers and morning meditation are an *interesting* mixture.

  2. Michael,
    Having small children around means one has to move quickly into the ‘stillness within activity’ mode! You may have realized already that the title of this blog is pointing towards this. Obvious really.
    The little ‘verse’ which starts ‘rise up’ is a description of moment to moment practice. I once said on the spur of the moment to one of the monks, ‘If there was not letting go, life would be hell’. Forgeting is in a sense, letting go.

    I had it in mind when I set this blog up that it would be read by busy people who are interested in practicing meditation. My hope was, and is, that it would become a place to visit and take strength from. The strength and determination to ‘Keep going’.

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