(Not) Singing in the Rain! – Video

We were very fortunate with the weather last Friday evening for the Toro at the end of the Segaki Retreat, which ended officially the day afterwards. Here below is the live streamed video of most of the event. For more information about the ceremony go to our Throssel Blog. Although I published the post I struggled to explain the meaning of the ceremony. Rev. Roland did a brilliant job, thankfully.

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4 thoughts on “(Not) Singing in the Rain! – Video”

    1. The camera equipment and computer were up in the Library and I do believe somebody was up there too. Yes, many people have remarked on the singing. I believe that the walls surround us had an impact on the quality. I love how the colour of our robes change as the fire burns up brighter. That’s me in the middle beside the celebrant, Rev. Berwyn flashing my torch on and off trying to find the offertory. In the end I made it up on the spot!

      Did you hear the chorus of Pheasants right at the end of the video?

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