Now and Then Postings

Dear Readers and Friends,

Postings are going to be somewhat irregular during January, February and possibly March. This is due to a number of factors the main ones being I need to organize my year, which will include a trip to North America, and to (Uh!) write something which is well over due.

In Gassho, _/\_

That said the publication on the Internet of the entire Shobogenzo should keep everybody happy for some months. The file is 8.6 MB’s.

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2 thoughts on “Now and Then Postings”

  1. Crikey – some years more like!
    Thankyou for the link – wonderful!
    Look forward to the occasional post…

  2. What a marvelous resource to make freely available! And at a very timely moment for me. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier – lovely to hear from you. Hope all your trips and writings go well.

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