Now is Complete

I said in answer to a question about purpose:

Could you conceive
of the possibility
that right now
is complete?

The above was a question I posed during a Q & A session which missed the mark but made an impression on the person sitting next to the questioner! One just never knows where one’s thoughts will land. And take root.

Very busy at the moment unfortunately with little spare time for writing here. Hopefully that will change as I catch up with what needs to be done now I’m settled with a desk to return to. Regularly.

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One thought on “Now is Complete”

  1. Just a passing thought abut the poem. Please consider this: now spelled backwards is won. So, to paraphrase Ram Dass and many others, when you act ‘now’ you have ‘won’ in life, no matter what the outcome. Lovely post, and most timely. It takes won to know one. Peace.

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