It IS Enough!

Desolation Sound in reflective mood.
Desolation Sound in reflective mood.

I have been going through the papers I’ve been carrying around while traveling and came across a couple of things I wrote when I first arrived at the house I stayed in on Cortez Island during the last week of February. It would seem I was pondering on ‘enough’ back then.

In lighter and darker
Shades of green
Set in wafts of
grey mist.

The Sound
seamlessly IS
Sky – water – land
No edges.

As a hungry stranger
Wanting, watching
To see

Is not the green and grey
The drifting wood
The Eagle too?

It IS enough.

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4 thoughts on “It IS Enough!”

  1. Through the open window
    Come all the sounds of the living world.
    Late afternoon. Spring breeze.
    This is sufficient.
    Always is forever here.

    This poem appeared in my mind on the third day of our monastic retreat this past week. We must be on the “same wavelength.” In gassho.

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