O Followers of Buddha’s Way! – Two

Outside the truth there is no delusion,
But outside delusion there is no special truth.
Zen Master Ryokan

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3 thoughts on “O Followers of Buddha’s Way! – Two”

  1. Hmm, …i found myself reading and re-reading this one and then thought i’d better ask for your clarification on the matter!?

    Hope you are well!
    In Gassho,


  2. Dear Miles,

    Thanks for leaving the note. I’d gazed at the lines of the poem myself and your question prompted me to sit with them a bit longer.

    As far as I understand what is being spoken of here, in the poem generally, is the non-dual nature of existence. And that the seeing into the true nature of existence is the simultaneous seeing into/knowing both delusion and truth. Their not being two. There is an article by a member of our Order on the internet which explains all of this much better than ever I can. Now let me see if I can find it….Uh! too bad, the site is down at the moment.

    Hope that answer rings with you in some way.

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