Ode to My Mother


Did I say
I love you?
Well I do
Back then you were
the competition!

You drove a
double-decker bus,
rode a motorbike.
Had an Austin 7.
And not turned 25!

1925/30 you
lived in a tent
for a summer on
the Devon coast.
And who was that man!

Now long gone
no longer the
Resting at Throssel
Beside my dad.

She lives on in me.
I love you mum.
who gave me the gift
of life and the gift of

Dorothy died December 1994 and was born 1908. She was the motivating force behind my writing this blog way back in 2003. This is my first post where I dedicate the blog to her. It was not an easy life, yet a full one.

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6 thoughts on “Ode to My Mother”

    1. Dear Sue, sorry to have missed responding to your comment. As you will see from one of my comments it is the anniversary of my mothers birth today. I’m glad what I wrote hit a tender spot for several readers.

  1. Thank you for this. I too found it quite moving. Particularly the story you don’t have the answer for (who was that man!).

    1. Michele! MICHELE! Happy New Year and goodness I simply MUST make it to Canada this year. I will now ‘pull my finger out’ as the saying goes and make steps to secure a visa to get me into the land of snow.

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