Ongoing Flowing

The river surrenders to
fallen trees, bushes
dead birds, marooned goat, barbed wire
Oh heck!

The river-deep, rocks
jagged, rounded, to gravel, to sand
rolling, grinding, turning
……deeper yet. Deeper deeper.

The river!  Looking up – sky!
Playing a merry dance
Stretching, falling together.

The river – Ah! The sky – Oh!
No place to hang a hat
No ‘now’?
and yet….

Thinking – grace in movement.

I’ll now climb aboard and drive to Throssel in brilliant sunshine with temperatures falling as I climb higher over the Pennines at Hartside Crossing. See view from the webcam up there.

For those who are tempted to believe that all there is to this life is what one sees and knows.

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2 thoughts on “Ongoing Flowing”

  1. Hello there, Sitting here not knowing People use these computers for something. What? Asking myself….. Do I have no interests. Oh yea. ,!! Jade Mtn. There you are. How’s life going…..?

    1. Doing fine Craig. Snow tonight here at Throssel. Cold! Well hardly below freezing but that’s cold for here. Great that you remembered you know sombody on the Internet. This is my eleventh year writing for Jade. Write why not.

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