From the West Allen Valley, Northumberland. Wishing you all a bountiful New Year to come.
From the West Allen Valley, Northumberland. Wishing you all a bountiful New Year to come.

Supermarket plastic carrier bags have become an issue in Britain. Probably the case all around the world. Certain for the fish and marine life that fall foul of them under the oceans. They are a life and death issue for all of us. Plastic carrier bags at supermarkets are now no longer free encouraging shoppers to bring our own bags and reuse them. The monies collected for bags, 5p, is given to local charities, nobody can argue with that, nor the attempt to minimize the amount of wild plastic floating around the world. Actually and metaphorically.

I’m mindful to have my ‘bags for life’, sturdy plastic ones, with me at all times ready to load my shopping into. I’ve been doing this for years but they don’t last for life! The other day a handle became detached and the supermarket I’d bought it from originally pledges to replace broken bags, free of charge. But…. But the replacements are plain black with white writing, no pattern like the original. It had a design I’d grown to love and appreciate, much like an old friend. Clearly I’d have to develop a new friendship with the replacement.

Receiving my plain black and white (shiny) number this afternoon the young man behind the till said enthusiastically, Slick aren’t they! And with that my whole attitude changed. Changed on the turn of one word. SLICK! Instant affinity with my new shopping companion which I will never leave at home. I’ll not get all psychological about this particular turn-around of attitude, enough to say the world, one’s own world and outlook can change on a single word. For good or ill. Amazing! Ah, the power of words. A reminder to take care with what escapes lips or pen.

Last week-end at Throssel had me out walking in the West Allen Valley where you can see from the above photograph snow had fallen. Temperatures had fallen too. I included myself in the picture just to personally wish you a Happy and Contented New Year to come.

The photograph is tending towards black and white, however slick it is not!

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10 thoughts on “Slick!”

  1. A joyful new year to you, Rev. Mugo; -6c here in Gloucestershire this morning, deep and beautiful frost and sun.

    1. Good grief Allie. How could it be so cold so far south! The sun is about to smile over the tree tops here in the Southern Lake District. Snow on the high fells, no flooding around here to speak of. And thanks for the new year wishes. My you trail your hand in abundance in your living. Hum, I like that idea…

  2. And a Happy and Contented New Year to you also. (Nice photo).
    You’ll have to compose a ‘Requiem to a Carrier Bag for Life’.
    Some snow in Ireland but it didn’t last long. A few sharp,or should I say ‘slick’ frosts.

    1. Thanks Ian. You have me thinking, Requiem to a Carrier Bag for Life – that would be fun. A few frosts here but nothing too very serious. At least there is little rain.

      Happy New Year to you.

  3. Yes, indeed, A good reminder of the power of words received and spoken. :-)

    Love the photo! Happy New Year!

    Here, ‘across the pond’, in the middle of the country it’s been very cold, snowy & cloudy. Sun peaking out today tho!

    So enjoy your blog posts!

    1. Dear Jessica – Happy New Year to you and to your family. Glad you are still alive over there. Glad you are still visiting the blog.

      1. Oh, I visit your blog all the time!! ❤️ It and you have inspired me to be more present, less grasping and to learn more about Buddhism. 😊

  4. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year, Rev. Mugo. Gentle snow cover here in Athens today, too. Beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks as I drive to the supermarket.

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