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There is a link in ‘More Links’, over on the left of this writing, to a site called Blogmundu, a round up of Buddhist Blogs on the internet. This week MovingMountains has a mention in Blog Harvest with kinds words to say; received with bows.

I smile and am slightly shocked because Tom, the editor, speaks of the ‘calming and kind quality of the posts’. It’s the kind of shock I had last week when somebody referred to me as ‘tinny’ which is not how I think of myself, although just five foot three! That view, from the outside, does not match with my view from the inside.

That same inner ‘shock’, comes up for me when I see attention drawn to assessments of ones placing on the path of practice. In the relative world these self evaluations are rarely matched by the view from the outside, and perhaps this is just as it needs to be. Err, just as long as compassion for oneself is in place.

Yesterday Gareth of Green Clouds posted ponderings on issues surrounding being nomination for Blogisattva Awards. Yes, they’re kinda fun awards and at the same time the recognition of ones on line offerings by ones peers has a real place, a deep one I feel. Let’s see now; there’s encouragement to keep going, a natural arising opportunity to honestly look at ones motivations and a call to check-in with the Three Pure Precepts. They translate as: ceasing from doing harm, doing the right thing and being ‘good’ for others, all admirable intentions one aspires to live up to.

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