Plaque at Throssel

The last car tail light
disappears from view.
Guests all gone.
Waves and goodbyes
all done and said.

Walking with twin
girls this afternoon.
Four years a piece.
With their dad we
visited Iain.

Why did he die?
they ask.
Where is he now?
Will I die?
Oh look a squirrel!

This week-end has been buzzing with activity with many guests, the youngest just 6 months. We celebrated the Buddha’s Birthday this morning. Happy Birthday Buddhas! Thank you girls (and dad) for walking and talking about important things today.

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4 thoughts on “Partings”

    1. Yes good day followed by an early start today for Harrogate then on to Cromford in the Derbyshire Dales and The Sitting Buddha Hermitage.

  1. Good morning, happy 10th blog birthday,Buddha’s birthday (mine too). Just to say that l thought the poem was beautiful.x

    1. Happy birthday Buddha Betty. Glad you like the poem. Not that I think it is proper poetry – just writing with short lines! See you one of these days.

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