The Past in the Present

At the end of an up and down kind of a day, with little left in me to say, here is something from Iain in Japan for you to contemplate.

At times often rather trivial things have happened to me that have triggered waves of anger in me the force of which has sent me reeling. That angry little boy inside. “It isn’t fair and it has to be put right!” But of course nothing ever can be restored status quo ante, it just can’t, the thing is broken. That’s what crying is for. Memories of painful things

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3 thoughts on “The Past in the Present”

  1. Not really linked but I wanted to share any way.

    Was walking one morning in woods in darkest Suffolk in October. For one stretch of about two miles there were hundreds of brownish red dragonflies ( two inches long) which flew up as one approached, had a look at you in the face and then settled down as you have passed. Thoughts arose that these would transform into beautiful faced fairies when dusk would fall!

    Later came across at dusk a fabulous blue dragonfly on the road and dying, face to the sky. Its short life over. Picked up gently and laid in some green tuft of grass face down. The dragonfly with its last efforts turned over – face up. Later after I asked why – I was told ” we all seek the way” – what view would you want in your last moments the darkness and claustrophobia of the earth or the bright clear light blue sky. I was very upset that I had not realised at the time – ignorance is not bliss.

  2. You sound tired Rev Mugo but no doubt well able to cope. Hopefully the ups will come out on top. Though I guess all is calm for you. Warm wishes.

  3. I wonder if there’s as aspect to this where holding on to suffering from the past is an attempt to prevent the same harm being done in the future.

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