Visiting Buddhist Relics

Back in 2005 I visited the Stupa in Birmingham where the Buddha’s Relics are enshrined. At the time I was somewhat sceptical, are they ‘real’ etc. Yesterday afternoon I joined a trip to Birmingham to visit The Heart Shrine Relics Tour. I’m glad I went.

Carmen Straight, our Custodian on the USA Tour, watched a five year old girl skipping around the relic altar display and peering curiously at the relics. Carmen asked her what she was doing. She replied,

“There are so many beautiful colors shining out from the relics and I am trying to remember them all.”

I’ve learnt how to he a good visitor, of Buddha Relics. Go with no expectations, no plan, let fears, worries and doubts fall by the way side. Be respectful and be still. And sit still, no need to do more unless called upon to do so. Not a bad plan for hospital visiting either, come to think of it.

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