Perfecting The Art of Listening

herron fishingHave you ever watched a Heron?  Listening? Fishing?  This beauty was snapped wading in the Lancaster Canal last Wednesday. It’s the quality of listening, of being physically still, of being intent that never fails to catch my attention.  Herons are masters of their fishing craft. And so elegant too.

Here at Throssel for the next ten days or so there is a coming together of monastics of the religious order of which I am a part. Listening; embracing the hearts and minds of those who are here, knowing directly the unifying quality of meditation practice (sitting and moving about too) and the diversity of how practice is given expression. Each in our various individual ways. I guess this blog is one way of giving expression to, connecting with, the hearts and minds of those who read here.

I’ll attempt to post on the theme of listening, and speaking.

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