Potential Unrealised

December sunrise

Light goes with darkness.
Darkness enfolds light.
We think we want light
and not darkness.
What’s wrong
with darkness?

Is it because we cannot see
whats coming.
Because it holds scary stuff
coming to get us?
Holds mystery
we can’t fathom?

potential unrealised?


Hat tip to Kaspa over there in the Purple Clouds for his post: Finding your ‘true self’, or realizing ‘no-self’?

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6 thoughts on “Potential Unrealised”

  1. Thanks again, RM Mugo.
    You’re really stirring things up in this neck of the woods.

    Darkness and light; to me are the time of deliberate movement, and then the time of stopping and letting the swirl pass as I regain my energy for the next time of movement. They each arise, and in concert with each other, they subside.

  2. When it gets dark, I have to walk down to the bottom of the garden to shut the hens’ pophole. This keeps me in touch with the changing seasons, as each week they go to bed a few minutes earlier, or later, depending on the time of year. Trying not to use the torch, I have to go carefully and I touch the rough birch trunks as I go past, then into the henrun where they may still be making conversational noises before settling right down to sleep.

    The garden has its own moods in darkness, it’s a different place. I know it’s safe, and usually I love the different smells and sounds, but once or twice the mood of the garden has changed and I’ve been scared out there. Yes, ‘mystery I can’t fathom’ in the blackness of the pond, the tossing of the tree branches,and then the sight of the lighted house has been a welcome return to my comfort zone. I sort of know that, one day, for me, that warm and friendly lighted house won’t be there, and I’d like to believe that maybe instead I will somehow be part of the darkness of the garden.

  3. I love what you have written here Virginia. It takes me back to being a child when I would go out with my mother to ‘shut up’ the chicken. Walking hand in hand with her through the darkness. I was safe. And then there is the fathomless dark, be it actual darkness or the velvet depths of sitting meditation. Yes we will be, somehow, part of the darkness of the garden. And are ever so, even as we speak. Thank you for writing.

  4. The body/mind wants to sleep when it’s dark, get up and do things when it’s light. Upon reflection, early morning darkness differs from night darkness: Fine to get up and sit in the morning’s dark stillness. Hmmm, what is this?

  5. I know this is way off the point but do you remember the song with the refrain which went something like The darkest hour is just before dawn? The Mamas and Papas I think it was. Anyway, I digress. I’m not such a morning person so even if the morning’s dark stillness is great…I’m not necessarily appreciating it. However, still being up at 2.00 or 3.00am has a very special kind of quality….

    Thankfully we are all different.

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