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Materials from the monks cells were recycled....
Materials from the monks cells were recycled….
Here is an extract from a recent post I wrote for Field of Merit. The post gives an idea of what I have been up to this past week, as well as offering some personal reflections on busyness.

In daily life I’m accustomed to stepping on it, merging with the traffic and keeping going through my day – weeks, months and years if I care to reflect. Keeping one’s foot on the accelerator when it is wise, and necessary, to slow down and stop can be a habit which is hard to acknowledge. Let alone do something about addressing. Few of us can go from 60 mph to zero with grace. There has to be a measured slowing down which may be as nerve-wracking as our driving adventures of the past few days.
Field of Merit – from Fast Moving Traffic.

It has been a full week with more travel in the next two weeks.

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