Postcards From Wells, Norfolk

How many times
did I think of you?
How very many times
did I stoop
and wonder at this life?
How many times did I pause;
and wish to bring you
what has come to me.

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17 thoughts on “Postcards From Wells, Norfolk”

  1. Hi Rev Mugo, beautiful photo’s from your time in Norfolk.

    I definitely wish I was there. I tried the Lakes for a few days R&R last week and found myself stranded in gales and floods, but safe and dry witha plentiful supply of hot chocolate :o)

    In gassho. Kevin

  2. Glad to be back at it again. I was really stuck for what to say on this first post after being away. Then I thought, ‘a post card’ and lots of them. It’s worked. And although I’ll not be back at Throssel until Thursday night hopefully I’ll keep posting. Thanks for the link to the poem. No I have not read Williams, interesting style though. Makes me have heart though. I have to say I just write what comes into my mind, tinker a bit and then leave it alone.

  3. Glad you’re back. And your photos are gorgeous. The layers of color! The textures! The chiaroscuro! A sumptuous feast of light! Thank you.


  4. I have just opened my email, and this was the first one I saw!
    How wonderful! Thank you very much, it has helped start my day well!


  5. Good morning to you too Pete. I’m not sure how you managed to get this in your email. However if you have found a way to subscribe to ‘Jade’ and get it delivered into your email I’m interested to know more…

  6. I’ll publish that wonderful photo of you I have…if you give me your permission. And…chiaroscuro? Your education is showing.

  7. there were a few days when I was able to walk on the sands of Norfolk, and one day to go on the ‘Broads’ too.

  8. It was your mentioning the joys of being bare feet on the beach that had me walking for miles carrying my shoes and socks…and I’m glad I did that. Yes pleasant, but at this time of year a tad cold.

  9. Lovely images of the seaside.
    There is something about the ebb and flow of the tide and the very essence of the sea itself that gets through. Small wonder I paint so many sea pictures.
    Love the colours on the last piece where the rust has tainted the wood.



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