Rest and Renew


I’ll be ‘off grid’, with no connection to the internet, for a couple of weeks. More than likely there will be long walks along sandy beaches. This will be a wonderful change of pace after these past five months of travelling. Let the sun shine!

Watch out for posting some time after 24th October.

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7 thoughts on “Rest and Renew”

  1. We’ll be waiting for your return (and posts, and light creating by them)
    I’ve read your blogs for more than a year, but never written any comments – I don’t have any essential things to say, but today (I don’t know the reason) I want to say – GREAT THANKS – for your patience, wisdom and compassion seen through your words…

  2. For the price of a cup of tea, a free internet connection. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the sea is calm. Thanks for all of the well wishes.

  3. just checking to see if you are ‘back on the grid’. hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine on those sandy beach walks. i know i have been enjoying mine.

  4. Thanks for checking in on me. I should be posting again fairly soon. There are quite a few photos, mostly of sand, to publish. It’s been a good break for rest and renewal.
    (Kevin, I’m not sure from your email address if I know who you are. Do you normally travel with a screen name by any chance? Please drop me a note, I’m guessing you are from Scotland but could be way off on that.)

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