Priceless Flower of the Dharma

Last day in Exeter and all hopes of climbing up high on Dartmoor have fallen to the ground. Not that I seriously thought I would do that. Taking one day at a time is the order of the day. Right?

After a charming visit for tea and catch-up with a member of the temple sangha, these Cyclamen carpeting a graveyard had me enthralled. And now contemplating earth’s generosity. The Great Earth – which means everything.

What is it about abundance? The earth giving up treasures of fruits and flowers? Easy to see as I walked this afternoon. Less easy to see removed into comercial settings.

Do we value less the ‘fruits’ we pay for? Or perhaps the reverse is true!

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2 thoughts on “Priceless Flower of the Dharma”

  1. Beautiful. We have wild cyclamen peeping out of the carpet of dried pine needles here in Greece, too. Every day there are more. Each one is welcomed with delight. They tell us that even though it was 40 degrees here yesterday and it hasn’t rained for months, autumn is nearly upon us.

    1. I am seeing wild cyclamen peeping up everywhere. I guess they must always been around and I have just not noticed. Autumn is coming in up here in Northumberland with trees turning golden just a little bit. Nothing like 40 c thought! Thanks for being there Sue. Thinking of you.

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