Pushed To Be Faith

I’ve a huge amount of sympathy for parents with small children. Sympathy for parents generally, especially when pushed to the limits of patience. This chap was pushed by his youngster one night and in the process realized the Bodhisattva Vow. A leap of faith to BE faith I’d say. Last night I listened to a Podcast of the 3rd Feb. episode of Womans Hour orientated towards the disciplining of children. Interesting listening for parents and anybody, the issue of smacking children was on the table.

We all encounter children in our lives and sometimes we encounter the child in the adult too! An adult throwing a full blown tantrum is something to behold. Those occasions have pushed me to simply be there with the person. Pushed past any shoulds or should nots to a place of waiting. Waiting in readiness.

Thinking about it waiting still has one as an active agent. Another way of putting that might be to maintain a reflective interior in the midst of conditions. Just sometimes when in extremity the reflective interior finds us!

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