Everything went just a little bit crazy today didn’t it. For me the day started early with news from Japan in an email sent soon after the quake. We are OK. Then most of the day driving around North Yorkshire on an outing, in heavy rain. I hardly wanted to get out of the car. In the case of Ribblehead Viaduct, I didn’t.

Through the windscreen

This is for all those known and unknown who have been swept up by the massive earthquake in Japan and the tidal wave that followed.

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6 thoughts on “Quake”

  1. I’m waiting for news from friends who live in Sendai. Can’t get through by phone or email. Hoping for the best.

  2. I remember feeling the light tremor we had here, very early one morning. Sorta worrying.
    What is so warming is that over 90 countries have offered help or are sending it. All I can do is think of the folk who have perished and think of those who will have these events with them for years to come.
    We have similar poly tunnels here in the NW and on a similar scale, to see the speed the wave engulfed them was frightening.
    It makes you think of your place here in this life.

    The Ribblehead Viaduct is a great place, the start of this tidal body of water that flows very close to my house. You were at one end and myself at the other.
    Although we so rely on water, it can bite back without much warning. Perhaps such a great unknown should always be treated respectfully.

  3. Nice to see you Keith. Yes, seeing the wave taking everything in its path does cause one to be ponder on life. And death.

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