Recalibrate Time –

Making time for tea - for two.

There is enough time. Take your time. Take Time. You have all the time in the world. The world is not waiting for you to finish. Not waiting for you to arrive. Finish in your own time. Plenty of time. Honestly. You and time are not in a fight. No rush, No need to finish – you can have more time. As long as you like. Take your time. Please.
I can – do it in my own time. I don’t have to do anything ‘on time’. What’s the rush? Why the hurry? No train to catch (as my mother would say).
One foot steps out and before I know it, the other is there up ahead! It is so easy to get stuck in one’s ways. Rush/hurry, push on, pull back. Not knowing how to stop. To really stop. To decide to; stop, not step, not plan the next.

This is only part of the story. It is a start. A look at myself and my way of going about life. In a rush, in a hurry. It’s words to myself. I know enough to know that fast and slow, rushed and not are ideas which cannot, should not be maxims to live by. Neither fast/rushed nor slow/relaxed can become maxims for or against the ways to go about the day. Circumstances resist concepts. However, (now taking a breath out and a breath in,) being aware of one’s ‘set’, one’s largely unconscious way. Is good.

Thanks to my tea companion of yesterday. Thanks to the reader who sent me an email noticing I’d not posted much recently, and offering merit. And a big thanks to all who subscribe to this blog. If you haven’t done that already it is easy to do. Simply look to the left of your screen, fill in your email address and press the green subscribe button. Your address is safe with me.

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