What Dogs Really Think of Us – Brain Scans Speak!

From the way dogs thump their tails, invade our laps and steal our pillows, it certainly seems like they love us back. But since dogs can’t tell us what’s going on inside their furry heads, can we ever be sure?

Taken from Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us

and this later on in the article

The scientists found that dog owners’ aroma actually sparked activation in the “reward center” of their brains, called the caudate nucleus. Of all the wafting smells to take in, dogs actually prioritized the hint of humans over anything or anyone else.

So the word is out our doggy friends delight in us because…of our smell and what it represents, in their brains. Who would have thought!

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3 thoughts on “What Dogs Really Think of Us – Brain Scans Speak!”

  1. Hi Mugo,

    I always suspected that dogs and us were more than an accidental good fit, and now science, once again, has confirmed that suspicion. A very valuable post and comment. It also explains why I have always instinctively let a dog smell my gently proffered hand when first we meet — so he or she can get a sense of my ‘non-hostility’ toward it….

    In conclusion, two tail wags and a loud WOOF!

    Blessings, Gerry

  2. We can certainly vouch for that if Maggie’s dog, Tai is anything to go by. That dog, a Staffie-Labdador cross, sees all three of us, – Maggie, Brenda and me the centre of his life.

    Tai lives with Maggie across the town from us but when she’s at work he stays with us at his second home. It’s become over the years very much a way of life.


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