Reflections on Suffering

This is a Eurasian eagle-owl seen yesterday at a local wildlife rescue centre.  Apparently, these creatures are long-lived and generally outlive their ‘owners’. Thankfully there are those who will look after them when this happens. Clearly these birds were born to fly. My heart goes out to such creatures.eurasian-eagle-owl Below is a copy of a comment I left to yesterdays post.

Reflecting now  I realize that context is all and not giving the details of my lived past days would have readers imagine I was finding humour at the expense of outright cruelty to those Camels. Far from that.

Sometimes what one encounters in the course of a day is SO ‘out there’ that one is taken past outrage and condemnation. One can however become numb with the onslaught of unremitting ‘madness’ to the point where cruelty, ignorance and tragedy become the norm. For many in this world, creatures included, numb is the only feasible response when death is close – frequently a slow death at that. There is no humour here AND if one cares to be still the smile in ones’  heart remains. Bigger, wider and unexplainable.

We have been living, we are still living and will continue to live with such levels of madness (suffering) in our world that the opposites, numbness and outrage, smash together taking one past the pain.  And still one engages.

‘Battle’ against ‘whatever it might be’, can become a way of life as can disengagement and passivity. We have the edge of a sword to balance on as we go onwards.

Painful? Frequently.

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