Reflects on Staying at the Monastery – Audio

geese-on-pondJulius has recorded his reflections Thoughts on Training, which include, what staying at Throssel was/is like for him,  the sangha refuge and his thoughts generally on training. All recorded to the charming accompaniment of the sound of Geese and his footsteps as he walks and talks beside a large pond in the south.

The monastery is open to guests, fairly much as usual, after nearly two years when retreats were happening via zoom and in person visits were limited to meeting people outside in our marque on the lawn. The community collectively is so happy and glad to have guests come and stay, both for retreats and for longer stays outside of retreat time, see our schedule of retreats here. As far as I remember, we opened to overnight visitors in February.

I have to refrain from becoming overly excited at seeing, and spending time with, people I’ve not seen for what feels like years and years. And YEARS! Julius, a loyal Jade reader and long time technical support for Jade, (and who I first met over three decades ago at Reading Priory)  recently came for a couple of weeks. I hope I managed to tone down my excitement at seeing him again, and if not I’m sorry! I’m human.

On a Personal Note: Tomorrow, I’ll write about what I’ve been thinking about and doing these past couple of months.

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2 thoughts on “Reflects on Staying at the Monastery – Audio”

  1. Hello Rev Mugo,

    Do pass my sincere thanks to Julie for his podcast. Ive listened to a couple of them today. They are supportive in various ways


    (Ps see you up on the August Session. Amongst many thigs, the podcast helped me orientate to being up there again. And thanks to him for all the very lovely well wishing at the end of his podcasts, and the sincerity and open heartedness he transmits)

    And thank you to you for sharing. And see you soon!

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