Remembering is the hard part.

Down Under, in Australia, there is an ER Nurse who I like to visit when I need a certain kinda lift. Here is (part of) what he has to say about what to do when a resuscitation goes bad.

Slow speed: Somewhere between rushing around like a headless chook and dropping into ‘frozen in the headlights’ inertia, is a zone of slow speed where tasks are performed with an easy fluidity. Once you have centered yourself and focused your breathing for a moment it is pretty easy to drop into this niche. And with some slow speed applied to the one thing, you will begin to accomplish a lot quickly.

When anything goes bad, or evenly mildly out of hand, most of what is listed in this article, ‘in the zone’ will come in handy. Remembering to do it is the hard part.

Remember, tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

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