Rev. I-Tjue ShihFu and the Robe Factory.

My tolerance for Mexican music at the Geographer Cafe (see Blogger entry ‘Hotspot’) where I have just spent a couple of hours writing for this blog came to an abrupt end. Not because of the music but because my laptop ran out of power. I’d thought, previous to that, to cut and run across the road and slip into the back entrance to the temple through the newly opened library however, having eventually crossed the road, I found the door locked! So I had to take my chances in the traffic and walk round the block and enter through the front temple gate. On the way in I sat to chat to the volunteers who are constantly on duty to help visitors. They often ask me questions about why I became a monk and other related questions. The English here, although talked at a rapid rate, is good and we can communicate quite well…I think!

Rev. I-Tjue ShihFu, mentioned in a previous Blog posting as being the nun who chants the Lotus Sutra. Here she is behind the wheel of a VW people carrier which she drove us around in for a few hours…at a sedate pace. Thank you dear Reverend for everything.

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One thought on “Rev. I-Tjue ShihFu and the Robe Factory.”

  1. The peace of this wonderful nun is clearly transmitted through your stunning photograph, of her.
    Thank you for sharing all of this despite the difficulties.
    We appreciate it.


    Karen and Dave

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