Rev. Saido Remembered

This presentation was given on July 1st at the Leeds Sangha Day. There was an offering ceremony just before this talk, when those present passed around food and other items in a circle. The celebrant blessed each offering when it returned to the altar.  Later the items were parcelled up and given to the monks who were there. For me, that ceremony is an example of circulating spiritual merit. Such merit is ‘generated’, best one can say, through action. I go into this during the presentation, however there is much more to say on the subject.

Remembering Glenda who wrote an email months ago asking about retaining items given to her and where sentimentality comes in, and do we have a ‘duty’ to keep items given to us. I’d say, if there is a use for them, use them and if they could be used by somebody else, pass on. Charity shops are full of such interesting things. The dilemma is, to keep out of sentimental attachment or pass on. I’d say ‘when the time is right’, pass on. That time might not come for a long time or it could be right now.

We all, no doubt, become sentimentally attached: to people, to things, to places, to memories. Attachment and detachments flow together throughout our whole lives. A quote from Dōgen’s teaching that I can’t find….

I’m finding it hard to let go of the ‘Saidō original’ head torch…..

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7 thoughts on “Rev. Saido Remembered”

  1. Keep the torch for a while…at least until next spring. It gets dark in the English winters. :)
    In gassho

  2. Thank you for the video from the Regional Sangha Day.For me the “sweet dew covers the whole earth” when I remember Reverend Saido, so thank you for enabling gratitude for his life and training.
    When you came to Throssel,you brought some of his books to share.I took away a battered well thumbed and annotated copy of Zen is Eternal Life.What a treasure.

    Deep bows and thanks

  3. Is there a link to your talk? I’m not seeing it…
    This is helpful as I’m still going thru my parent’s stuff… trying to notice difference between sentimentality(clinging) and gratitude.

  4. Dear Rev Mugo, thank-you so much for sharing this beautiful remembrance and sharing of Rev Saido and his very precious things. I loved seeing and hearing about every single one and feel truly blessed to have known and practiced with him. I found it a truly wonderful and very moving way to remember him. I loved his invention and the wisdom of repurposing every special thing, something that we could all learn from and try to adopt. Thank-you also to our friend John for sharing his precious experience of the last days with Rev Saido. I was very heartened to hear about the peaceful passing of our much loved friend and teacher. Thank-you for showing this and sharing this. It has meant a lot. Blessings to all.

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