Mighty O Doughnuts

Yes, vegan doughnuts. Good, and good for you. The son of the family with whom I stayed here displays the doughnuts he had made early in the day. That’s a whale on his tee shirt.

In the past days I’ve met several people who have been working on their family history with a view to publishing either on the Internet or in book form. What a great legacy to leave behind for their future generations. One person has a journal written by a relative telling the story of his long walk up through California post gold rush. To have access to primary source material such as this is a real boon. Now with the Internet generations to come will be viewing relatives dancing with fire on You Tubes, and the modern doughnut and its maker here on ‘Jade’.

There is something here about the importance of ‘rootedness’. Of being part of a human clan from which to grow, mature and blossom.

This piece is for the doughnut maker and all that he will do and become. Have a good life.

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