Ryokan – 7 End of Poem – Truth and Falshood


Alas, too many people drift with the skiff to fathom the sea.
From time immemorial they are causes of endless deception.
From Songs of Ryokan, Chinese Poems #103

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3 thoughts on “Ryokan – 7 End of Poem – Truth and Falshood”

  1. Just to remind readers: I really do not deliberately select specific photographs in order to draw out the meaning of the poem. That would be rather presumptuous as Zen Master Roykan’s words speak for themselves without my help. Of course there is an element of turning the meaning of the words over in ones mind however my advice is set those thoughts down and allow the meaning to become your ‘blood and bones’. By that I mean, become the meaning. Uh! If that sounds ‘Zen’ it wasn’t meant to. How about ‘get on with your life within the Precepts’.

  2. neither was there a deliberately intent on my account. it just happened. I remember from the same very Rev. Master that is quoted here (if I am correct)’not te be afraid of words’.
    For me there Is a Mind byond meaning. One can’t become this Mind, one can only be this Mind (and hopefully act in accordance with it).

  3. Yes indeed Wick I know how it is with these photo and the text. I’m constantly seeing how they link and that is a constant surprise…because that linking wasn’t intended, as I said, when choose the photograph.

    Perhaps that linking is the teaching for us to see how that habit of deriving meaning from what comes in through the six senses is arbitrary. We need to assign a personal meaning in order to function but wow betides us if we believe that our meaning is THE MEANING. And just maybe we can switch off the meaning button more than we do. There is an on/off switch…

    Good to be contemplating along side you Wick. My regards to the Reverend near you.

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