Ryokan – 6


Truth and falsehood are the mated edges of a double sword
None alive can separate with certainty one from the other.
From Songs of Ryokan, Chinese Poems #103

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One thought on “Ryokan – 6”

  1. I can only read the poems of Ryokan to my level of understanding, so I might be wrong. It reads Truth-full. The word ‘Truth’ flows unhindered through my mind, whilst the word ‘Falsehood’ seems to ‘stop my mind’ as if it remembers somewhere painful its being drawn away from its original innocence and vulnerability. Falsehood (in me) feels ‘rotten’, but the picture points to a rotten tree that ’embraces new plants alive’! Well, That which understands Truth and Falsehood may be the Embracing itself? I have to think this over….


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