Ryokan’s Hut Wept?

These photographs came from the Wikipedia entry on Ryokan. I just hope I done right by the copyright.

The Hut

Statue of Zen Master Ryokan

The hermit hut is for Ryokan a microcosm of life and the universe: “last year a foolish monk, this year no different.” It is the setting for the cycle of being which he so sensitively portrays in his poetry.

My life is like an old run-down hermitage
poor, simple, quiet.

A thought: If the hermit Ryokan is so closely identified with his hut he could speak of his hut weeping (the rain coming in) and soaking his book. Just a thought…

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2 thoughts on “Ryokan’s Hut Wept?”

  1. Sorry to go on about this…but i rather like architecture!
    Is the Thatched Hut then a metaphor for the self/body, like in the lotus sutra (the parable of the burning house)?
    I guess ‘Last nights’ rain leaked in and drenched my bookcase’ could also refer to Dogens teaching leaking in and touching one profoundly? Or am i barking up the wrong tree?!
    Thanks for the postings
    In Gassho,

  2. Hum. And another hummm… The thing is with something like this one can bark up a whole lot of trees but never know what was actually in the mind of the author. I’m a complete novice as far as poetry is concerned so I think I’d better step out of the arena on this one Miles.

    I was rather glad to be pointed towards the photo of the hut, maybe it was you Miles who posted the link. Can’t remember now.

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