Sam, Prince, Heathcliff and the Feral Cat Colony

A dear member of the congregation in America is having hip replacement surgery on Thursday. Her immediate sangha sent out a request for Transfer of Merit, not only for the woman but also for all the animals she, day-in-day-out, takes care of. A great deal of goodwill and compassion is being extended all around. I thought to share part of the email. It paints a picture, one that several of you who are involved with animal care and rescue will recognise.

Sam, the diabetic orange cat, will go to a local animal hospital. Emma, deeply fearful/shy black cat, will be at home, hiding. Prince, small black feral cat renunciant, lives in a shed with screened porch and has not gone out to the world for eight years, except for brief before-breakfast-walks. Heathcliff, another feral cat, stops by the ‘cafeteria’ at least once a day. These animals will be fed by a local animal care person, who will also feed the feral cat colony at the downtown car wash where they are usually fed each evening.

Spare a thought….

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2 thoughts on “Sam, Prince, Heathcliff and the Feral Cat Colony”

  1. This reminds me of the “Man who Loves Cats” in Limassol, Cyprus, who everyday drives his ancient Alvis car laden with bags of cat food down to the Old Port and feeds all the feral cats that care to turn up.

    Not far from Limassol, there is a monastery dedicated to St. Nikolas of the Cats. This particular St. Nikolas, in the distant past had feral cats visit his cell. He looked after them and his followers built a monastery that has been a haven for these ever since.


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