Sayonara Japan.

On May 1st we returned to Tokyo to have a farwell feast with Noguchi Roshi, Professor Shimizu and Okabe Roshi at a restaurant near Fukuji-in.

It would be impossible to express in words the gratitude I feel to these people, and to Edera and Iain as well, for my stay and travels in Japan. What I have seen, and more especially the connections that have been made with Dharma family in the Koho Zenji line while here, will remain and carry me forward in my ‘next steps’ on the path of training.

The meaning of being a Grand Disciple of Koho Zenji has deepened as a consequence of meeting fellow Grand Disciples and my appreciation of what Rev. Master Jiyu Kennett did for all of her disciples in coming to Japan to find the Teaching is beyond measure.

Noguchi Roshi and Professor Shimizu read about a calligraphy by Keido Chisan Koho Zenji which belongs to Professor Shimizu. The poem describes sentiments about his mother.

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4 thoughts on “Sayonara Japan.”

  1. Best wishes to you both, on your journey.

    We have celebrated Wesak here, today, in Telford and had a retreat, yesterday. Reading your account of your journey and seeing the wonderful photographs has completed a very special weekend, for us both.

    Travel on safely.

    In gassho,

    Karen and Dave

  2. I seem to have lost the screen in my attempt to put in a message – I’ll try again (including remembering what I said! tricky at my age!)

    I haven’t visited Moving Mountains for a bit – I’m amazed at the number of photos and amount of diary since I last visited. It touches me the nothing is written on a memorial because someone is so well-known (I love that photo). I really like the photos of your doing the memorials, and the one of you and Iain kneeeling at the marker for Koho Zenji.

    Wishing you good luck and plenty of energy for the China part of your pilgrimage – it is wonderful to be (even at a distance) part of your travels.

    In gassho,


  3. hi rev mugo & iain, thankyou for the blog!can’t wait to see more and hear about it when you return to uk.hope your next step goes well, keep tapping those keys.hopefully you’ll inspire more of us to make a pilgrimage…
    ian p

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