I’ve posted my schedule up until returning to England at the end of September.

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3 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. All the best Rev. Mugo…we are getting ready to leave for our three week journey from Bergen, Norway all the way up the coast on the Hurtigruten to Kirkenes and back. It’s a dream trip for both of us…lots of wonderful nature. But what’s crazy is this weekend and beginning of the week, we are tearing out the lowered ceiling in our bedroom and then plastering and painting…today it seems as if it’ll never be done…but Marc reminded me the worst is over and the creativity starts tomorrow. Journey well!

  2. Thanks for your well wishes, much appreciated.

    All well so far, only became detached from my luggage for a couple of hours to-day! Hay Ho, at least there was not blood spilt.

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