Second Anniversary of a Death

Today marks the second anniversary of the death of Iain Robinson a long time member of the congregation and long time fellow traveler. (correction – Iain died on the 14th). We traveled around Japan and in China in 2005 and before and after that we worked on various projects connected to the religious order I am part of. To remember and honour him I’m republishing this poem first published 18th July 2011.

In my mirror,
birth and age
sickness and death
Sour and sweet
bitter and hot,
true sweet dew.
Into the four forms,
my body disintegrates,
earth and fire
water and wind;
But like Buddha’s kindness
I am everywhere.

From Bones of the Master, by Tsung Tsai

The original post is titled Simple Acts of Kindness. Remembering you Iain, dear good friend.

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3 thoughts on “Second Anniversary of a Death”

  1. Rev Mugo,

    Looking at past postings where he is mentioned I get such a strong impression of Iain and his warmth. thank you for sharing

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