Sending Posts to Jade

This is a test to see if sending posts via email works or not. If it does I’ll be happy since this means I will not be tethered to my laptop while traveling. The downside is I’ve no spell checker to rely on so please forgive my mistakes this week.

A festive cup o’ something.

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2 thoughts on “Sending Posts to Jade”

  1. Wonderful. Enjoyed that cup of hot chocolate. now I know it works OK I will be experimenting with this new way of posting during the coming week.

  2. I think you’ll find it works fine. I use my tablet more than the PC these days. The down side is, as you say no spell-checker wich can be a mixed blessing when it insists I spell words the American way. The other problem can be having fingers bigger than the keys which can give bizzarre results but I guess I’m getting used to it now. :-)


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