Waiting For Conditions to Ripen

Two days ago the weather was wild. There was a Met. Office Severe Weather warning in place with structural damage expected over a huge swathe of Britain. At a critical moment the other morning it was clearly a time to decide to stay indoors, batten down the hatches and sit it out. But I was due to travel in an hour to stay with somebody for a couple of days. And I could hear the two people who have been with me packing their car to return to Sussex. The wind was howling and the rain was horizontal! What to do? This was one of those moments when which ever way one turns there’s no easy solution. An appointment needed rescheduling but on that wild morning my hand wouldn’t lift the phone to do that and it was also clear my guests intended to travel, no matter what.
Patience in the Face of Discomfort – Field of Merit post by Mugo.

I spent a good part of the morning writing this post for Field of Merit. I have run out of steam for the day and am now unashamed re-posting it here for your interest instead of writing something new.

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