Sideways Illumination

Here is Iain from Little House in The Paddy in lyrical mood. This quote comes at the end a recent article where he speaks about Throssel and some of the history of our valley. Did I know there was a ‘horse level‘ running out of our valley? Not I.

Interesting how it is the most intensely beautiful weather that most clearly reveals the course and intent of forgotten events. It often feels to me that the course of our own actions is revealed in the same way. Stuff you don’t notice on a grey day or in the brightest noon sunlight stands out more when you see it lit from one side. A kind of sideways illumination throws the landmarks in our lives into a kind of relief that reveals things we never noticed before. They take on a character that was never obvious at the time.

*the horse level I’ve linked to is probably not the one Iain refers to in his article however the mine mentioned is in the next valley to us. There is a whole world down there under ground…

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