Singapore Connection

The Temple of Thanksgiving was the first temple Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett went to on landing in Singapore in 1962. It is dedicated to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. On the web site you can read about reports of unexplainable occurrences connected to Ksitigarbha that were witnessed by a Ms. Pitt, who was a remarkable woman. There is a photo of the inside of the temple and some details about my stay there last June here.
Happy Buddhist New Year.
Tomorrow Buddhist in Edmonton will gather at the large Vietnamese Temple on the north side of town to celebrate Wesak. We will be there.
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2 thoughts on “Singapore Connection”

  1. Happy Buddhist New Year! I’m very happy to see this year in Frankfurt all of the different Buddhist groups and temples have put together a day long celebration in one of the city’s largest parks: “Ostpark”. The day starts at noon with a chanting, etc…and then the mayor of the city will open the event officially and then a dragon dance and many, many other things until 9 p.m.! How nice to see Buddhism and growing so healthily here. I wish everyone else all the best for this time of year! Jack

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