So Like Us

Things have moved on with vacuum cleaners. For one thing, in England we no longer refer to them as ‘Hoovers’. Now there are so many more manufacturers, sending them to our shores from all over the world. I’ve recently become intensely interested in all things to do with vacuum cleaners. That’s because I volunteered to take care of ours, an extensive fleet of them. However my feelings towards them, up to now, has been ‘distant’. First task then is to hunt them down. Then check their bags and filters and see how they are doing generally.

This morning I went on a tour of inspection. There they were lurking in cupboards, in stair wells and the final three were found nesting collectively in a down stairs bathroom. Replacement bags there are aplenty. Sooo many different sizes. What next? Well, already I see myself nudging towards anthropomorphizing them. They are all different to be sure. Each has unique characteristics, particular strengths and weaknesses and special features. They have a whole host of attachments too, some concealed neatly out of sight and others sprawling all over the cupboard. So like we human beings?

Although my tendency has been to remain distant from these busy machines (there I go again!) I’ve generally treated them with respect. And, while they may be ‘just’ machines they do have particular needs to take into consideration when dealing with them. So I approach my new responsibility with enthusiasm and a thought for their general well being. So like how I’d like to be treated.

The next task? Find and read the manuals! See also…

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2 thoughts on “So Like Us”

  1. It’s so easy to assign human characteristics to machinery, frequently in a less than positive fashion. I do love the way you’ve written about your family of vacuum cleaners – perhaps it’s something to do with the way that all objects that are used frequently seem to pick up a patina of character above and beyond their original purpose or design.

  2. Machines may be devoid of personality in the human sense, apart from what we may project into them but, they are made, – brought into being, function, break down, get mended, wear out and are scrapped. [Die]
    A bit like people really.
    There’s a lesson there somewhere methinks.

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