The Space Behind – The Pull Forward

Every now and then something, some words in this case, can hit the spot. Adrienne in her new post To Do, Or Not To Do? talks about something I had suggested that might help her. Turns out it did.

My daughter must have noticed something because she stopped talking and asked me if I was OK. I just said that I was listening to her. But something had happened between us and she and I noticed a difference. Our communication softened. I can’t remember whether I said yes or no to her request; my actual response isn’t relevant. What is important is that the experience gave me a sense of how it is possible to be really present by a simple change in my perspective. And in that space I was more able to respond fully.

While talking with Adrienne on the telephone about this recent post I realized the suggestion I’d made, some time ago, was the practical application of holding the space which I’d talked about in Holding The Space – Keeping The Beat. Most helpful Adrienne. How could I have missed that? Time to take my own good advice, and to remember it too for the future.

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