Teaching Moments


Morning. You do look well!

Yes, and I still find it difficult…daily life. You know.

Yah. It comes, it goes.

Oh, I really want to thank you Reverend Mugo, for saying what you said to me, way back.


Tally Ho, and full steam ahead.

Oh… Yes!

And some years ago I said to somebody else: Fear is the egg and bread crumbs of karma!

And the chap reminds me of this almost every time we meet. He derived meaning from it. Especially when he learned to cook and saw how egg and bread crumbs bind and hold in place, whatever they are wrapped around.

The main point here is it is not the truth or falsity (or off the wall nature) of the teachers words that matters to the going on, it’s the sincerity of the student.

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One thought on “Teaching Moments”

  1. Hi Rev. Mugo;
    Well, ain’t this the way it goes. Not one hour ago I had to deal with something very serious in my line of work, and it struck me with some force that I had to stand very straight, and sit very still. Afterward, I kind of fell into my desk here at my office and took a look at your blog, thinking this is the skillful means I can use to keep me going today. And there it is. “It comes, it goes, full steam ahead”. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry a bit, but for the sake of my colleagues I think I will let the laugh out!
    (Hope I am not being obscure or “zen” – just want to say thanks.)
    Michele from Vancouver

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