Stepping Out IS Forgetting

The following quote and photograph came today in an email from a regular reader.

Each year my potted rose (which D bought me years ago) dies back and I cut the stems to stumps, then in the spring this happens!


And there was this too:
I have been thinking for a while that I needed some physical object to remind me to look up and not believe the voice (that has me looking down and low). A sort of ‘get real!’ call. So, yesterday I put on my bodhi leaf with morning star pendant:

Then there was this….

Rise up!
Rise up and greet the dawn.

Step out!
Step out and the Great Earth,
Leaps joyfully.

Walk on!
Walk on and forget…

This is from your post 11 April 05. Maybe I should work on the forgetting part.

For one who has been, and still is, dealing with so much that is testing I can only applaud you, and your family, on your various ways forward. Oh! The Stepping out IS the forgetting. Think about it.

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