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5 thoughts on “Sticky Note”

  1. When you were in Edmonton we would occasionaly run into each at Dr. David Brisbin’s office in Sherwood Park. Angus (husband) & I attended one of the open houses at the center. I enjoy reading your blog & sometimes feel a bit breathless just reading everything you do!

    My prayers for Chester’s passing.
    In Gassho,
    Sara Stewart
    Sherwood Park, AB

  2. Dear Sara,
    I remember you well! I’m touched that you have been following the blog all of this time. No need to feel breathless I’m not that busy, just sometimes. And, I want you to know I’m in good shape. Please tell David that if you would and convey my best wishes too.

    If you would like a pendent, or pin, please send me your address and I’ll get one to you…while supplies last!

    Have a good winter up there.

  3. The Pins and pendants are very nice. I also always wondered if there were any of the O.B.C. pins and the Dharma wheel pins or are those long gone in past times? Are you still travelling?
    In Gassho,


  4. Thanks for the link to the David Foster Wallace speech. A brilliant writer on the subject of what we choose to do right here, right now.

  5. Glad you saw the posting. I presumed you are a ‘regular reader’ so there will be something in the mail for you.

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