With The Ideal Comes The Actual

Ian in Australia reflects on learning how to make hospital corners, and then on how not to make hospital corners.

In this hand you have the theory, and in this hand the practice, and in the difference of their unfolding we make the beds our patients lay in.

Yes indeed. As we say in one of our scriptures, with the ideal comes the actual. When in the hands of our betters the transition from the innocent following of procedures to the full-on reality of the actual can be testing, or as we say good training!

Reflecting, years later, on the painful teachings coming from our seniors can be inspiring of our deepest respect, and gratitude. Especially for their patience and for their enlightened sense of humour.

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2 thoughts on “With The Ideal Comes The Actual”

  1. Thanks for the link. Yes, ideal and actual. I went through that self same scenario a lifetime ago. You just have to do the best you can with what you have I reckon.

  2. learnt how to make hospital corners when I was a Girl Guide. Now we have fitted sheets, which often don’t fit that well, and the need to know has gone for the most part. I talked to a Reverend here at Shasta who was a nurse and she too went through the same scenario Ian speaks about.

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